We are thrilled to share the exciting news about the release of our new system! Take a moment to delve into our Knowledge Base, where you can familiarize yourself with its functionalities. Check out some highlights of the updates below.


Organizations, clubs, and events can create their own personalized webpages, providing a useful platform to offer participants with more information. Discover how it works in our Knowledge Base.


Customizing your registration form is now more comprehensive than ever! You have the freedom to choose from a diverse range of question types, adjust the question width, and select other settings to create the registration form perfect for your needs. Discover how it works in our Knowledge Base.


We've redesigned our emailing functionality from the ground up. You now have the ability to modify the sender email, select from an array of templates, attach multiple files, and monitor statistics such as opens, clicks, and bounces. You'll absolutely love it! Discover how it works in our Knowledge Base.


Our platform allows you to create and schedule matches, making it convenient for sports like Pickleball, Racquetball, Wrestling and more. We offer diverse match creation options in the following formats: Single Elimination, Double Elimination, Round Robin, Pool Play, and Olympic Format. Discover how it works in our Knowledge Base.


Allow your members to renew their memberships effortlessly via a secure link. There's no need to re-enter all registration information each renewal period, just make any necessary changes and submit! Discover how it works in our Knowledge Base.


You'll find managing your registrants easier than ever before with our new filtering options and revamped registrant listing design. We are sure you'll love it! Discover how it works in our Knowledge Base.

Please note that the data depicted in the graphic is not real and the names, addresses and emails were generated automatically and randomly in order to create a realistic representation.


Experience a visual representation of your registration data with our graphical reporting feature. You can access financial, participant, and comparison reports with everything you need. Discover how it works in our Knowledge Base.


One of the key advantages of our system is the ability to white-label it, which allows organizations to customize and brand the platform as their own. This means that organizations can have their own unique branding, logos, and colors integrated into the system, creating a seamless and consistent user experience for their members or customers.


While our system is widely used by individual events and clubs, our primary goal is to provide a robust multi-level platform that seamlessly caters to various organizational levels, such as National Sporting Organizations (NSOs), Provincial/Territorial Sporting Organizations (PTSOs), and clubs. Our platform enables each level to customize their registration process and collect payments, allowing registrants to complete all necessary registrations and payments in a single form. Data privacy and access permissions are maintained at each level for secure and controlled data management.


To give you a taste of some of the other features and functionality:

✓ Secure your login with 2FA.
✓ Add/upgrade your membership during event registration.
✓ Register for multiple events simultaneously.
✓ Mass entry via spreadsheet import or team roster feature.
✓ Fundraising and personal pledge pages.
✓ Volunteer and officials management.
✓ Mailchimp integration.
✓ Share partial or full admin access with others.
✓ Restrict access to your registration forms.
✓ And so much more...

Learn how our new system works in our Knowledge Base.


We are thrilled about the launch! After putting in thousands of hours and years of hard work, our project is finally ready.



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