Wyatt Ribchester - University of Windsor

  • Position Athlete
  • Birthdate Unknown

Performances 2023/24

Event Perf. Meet Date
3000 Meter9:15.33*UWindsor Blue & GoldDec 4th
1 Mile (non ranking)4:08.50UWindsor Blue & GoldDec 4th
1000 Meter2:33.78*Can Am Track ClassicJan 12th
3000 Meter9:45.05*Can Am Track ClassicJan 12th
800 Meter (non ranking)1:58.49Bob Parks MemorialJan 20th
1 Mile (non ranking)4:26.04Jet's Pizza InvitationalJan 26th
1500 Meter4:06.44^Jet's Pizza InvitationalJan 26th
1000 Meter2:34.62YSU Indoor Mid MajorFeb 2nd
1500 Meter4:17.45^Team ChallengeFeb 9th
1000 Meter2:30.67*Team ChallengeFeb 9th

Team Roster - University of Windsor


Name Sex Birthdate Program Elig. Hometown
Alkaaby, MohamadM2004Biological Science1Windsor, ON
Allen, ChaseM2003Human Kinetics1Windsor, ON
Balint, AkosM2001Criminology and Sociology2Windsor, ON
Bjorgan, BrettMUnknownHuman Kinetics2Ennismore
Cagan, MylesM2005Human Kinetics1Courtrice, ON
Callan, NickM2005Human Kinetics - Sport Management1Burlington, ON
Clarke, ZachM2005Human Kinetics1Chatham, ON
Dawson, ColinM2004Human Kinetics - Movement Science2Lasalle,ON
DeGrace, BraydenM2001Business Adminstration4Barrie, ON
Dri, ZachM2004Human Kinetics1Mississauga
Farrington, IzaiahM2003Family and Social Relations1Nassau, New Providence
Fitzpatrick, JacobM2002Biomedical Engineering Technology3Tecumseh, ON
Gilham, RyanM2002Environmental Studies2Windsor, ON
Graves, EthanM2004Mechanical Engineering2Lindsay, ON
Hernandez, AmariM2024Liberal Arts and Professional Studies1Kitchener, ON
Isaac, AnthonyM2002Human Kinetics - Sport Management3Chatham, ON
John-Dunslow, CameronM2004Human Kinetics - Sport Management2Brampton, ON
Keeling, CalebM2001History, Concurrent Education3Shallow Lake, ON
Kellier, CaiM1997Master's Criminology5Chatham, ON
Kenebai, DouyeMUnknown2Windsor, ON
Kleinsmith, AdamM2004Drama in Education2Fronthill,ON
Knight-Llewellyn, NileM2005Psychology1Brampton, ON
Leinweber, NoahM2000Human Kinetics - Sport Management3Kingston, ON
Lobana, MilanM2003Biological Sciences2Essex,ON
MacNeill, OwenM2001Human Kinetics4Murray River, PEI
Mahabir, RyanM2000Mathematics4Pickering, ON
Mawhinney, LukeM2000Masters of Environmental Science4Burlington, ON
McBride, WillM1999Education4Windsor, ON
McCracken, WillMUnknown1
McPhee, IanM2003Nursing3Windsor, ON
Mombo, WeagbeM2004Human Kinetics1Toronto, ON
Moro, SadrakM2004Psychology1Windsor, ON
Myers, EthanM2001Aeronautical Leadership1Kings Hill, St Vincent
Myers, EthanM2001Aeronautical Leadership1Kings Hill, St Vincent
Parker, NojahM1999Biology5Woodstock, ON
Popescu, PaulM2002Human Kinetics2Windsor, ON
Radovich, RonanM2003Human Kinetics3Lasalle,ON
Ribchester, WyattMUnknown
Robinson, EthanM2002Industrial Engineering3Harrow, ON
Stanat, AJM2003Human Kinetics - Movement Science3St. Thomas, ON
Taylor, AndrewM2003Human Kinetics - Movement Science3Ottawa, ON
Tilson, BenM2003Human Kinetics3Windsor, ON
Veresuk, DevinMUnknownEngineering3Windsor
Waldmann, NoahM2003Chemistry3Southampton, ON
Birtch, LarissaF2005Human Kinetics - Movement Science1London, ON
Brunet, MandyF2000Masters of Human Kinetics4LaSalle, ON
Castillo, KarenF2005Human Kinetics1Hamilton, ON
Cesar, SariahF2003Biological Sciences2Windsor, ON
Douglas, LaurenF2002Concurrent Second Language Education and Modern Languages3Windsor, ON
Drake, MorganF2004Nursing2Windsor, ON
Elford, GraceF2003Nursing1Ingersoll, ON
Eybergen, MadelynF2001Human Kinetics1Kincardine, ON
Fazekas, SaraF2005Human Kinetics1LaSalle, ON
Fortier, NatalieF2005Human Kinetics1Windsor, ON
Fritzley, EmilyF2002Human Kinetics3Guelph, ON
Gascoyne, AshlynnF2005Physics1Amherstburg, ON
George, NailahF2005Business and Economics1Ajax, ON
Godlewski, AgathaF2001Masters of Sport Management and Leadership3Guelph, ON
Gough, GillianF2004Criminology1Windsor, ON
Goveia, IsabellaF2004Mechanical Engineering2St. Catharines, ON
Hall, DelaneyF2005Human Kinetics1Windsor, ON
Handy, KaitlynF2004Nursing2Camlachie, ON
Jackson, LilliannaF2003Human Kinetics - Movement Science2Carleton Place, ON
Joaquin, MayaF2005Communication, Media and Film1Toronto, ON
Kirincic, TatjanaF2000Human Kinetics4McGregor, ON
Kistulinec, KristynF2002Human Kinetics3Erieau, ON
Koller, EllaF2002Concurrent Education, Mathematics2Kitchener, ON
Kralik, EmaF2000Bachelor of Education5Windsor, ON
Lamorie, TarynF1999Computer Science5Sault Ste. Marie, ON
LaRue, NicoleF2001Nursing3Windsor, ON
Lehman, BanyanFUnknown1
Luna, JadynF2004Forensics1Thorndale, ON
Marshall, SamanthaFUnknown1
Martin, HarleyF2004Human Kinetics - Movement Science2Formosa, ON
May, MikaylaFUnknownNeuroscience1Niagara on the Lake, ON
Metivier, MayaF2004Human Kinetics1Toronto,ON
Mooney, MegF2000Political Science4Belleriver, ON
Nyhoff, JaidynF2002Criminology & Psychology1Oldcastle, ON
O'Connor, AudreyF2001Political Science4Lasalle, ON
Olla, JoelleF2004Behaviour Cognition and Neuroscience2Windsor,ON
Perkins, LaurenF2000Human Kinetics5Sarnia, ON
Philcox, LilyF2003Biochemistry1Windsor,ON
Pupatello, NadiaF2005Business1Windsor, ON
Quanz, SamaraF2002Human Kinetics3Port Elign, ON
Richmond, DaceyF2001Concurrent Education, Political Science3Enterprise, ON
Robitaille, RileyF2004Human Kinetics - Movement Science2Windsor, ON
Rochealeau, AinsleyF2004Human Kinetics2Windsor, ON
Rosete, KathrynF2003Business Administration1Windsor, ON
Sackey, Ewura EkuaF2002Biological Science2Brampton, ON
Sashegyi, IsabelF2001Nursing2Lucan, ON
Schaffer, SerenaF2004Biochemistry1LaSalle,ON
Suzuki, MackennaF2005Disability Studies and Psychology1London, ON
Toth, EmileeF2005Forensic Science1Regina, SK
Turner, JacquelineF2002Concurrent Education, Political Science3Windsor, ON
Vidamour, ChloeF2001Human Kinetics3Windsor, ON
Watchorn, LaraF2003Human Kinetics - Movement Science2Scarborough, ON