Login information

To access your "Login Information", you can follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. From the left side menu select the "Login Information" option.

Upload File

Enables you to upload a profile photo.

Email address

The email address used for logging in to access your account.

Phone number

Enables you to input a phone number linked to your account.

Password modification

Provides you with the ability to update your password. In case you forget your password and are unable to access your account, you can reset it here.

2-Factor Authorization (2FA)

Enables you to enable two-factor authorization for enhanced security when accessing your account. You can learn more about enabling 2FA below.

What best describes you

When selecting "Parent/Athlete/Individual Registrant," certain functionalities are removed from your dashboard to simplify your dashboard.

Share account access with other email address

Enables you to share your account with additional email addresses.

Two-factor authorization (2FA) enhances the security of your account by requiring you to provide both your password and verify your identity using a secondary method such as an authentication app, email, or phone number.

You can enable 2FA for your account by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Navigate to your "Login Information" page, as instructed previously.
  2. Click the "Enable 2FA on your account" link.

  3. Select your preferred method from the following options:

    1. Google Authenticator App
    2. Email Address
    3. Mobile Phone

  4. The instructions may vary slightly based on the option you choose, as outlined below:

    Regardless of the option you choose, the common steps for enabling 2FA are as follows:

    1. Obtain the verification code from your chosen method.
    2. Enter the verification code.
    3. Click "SUBMIT" to confirm and complete the 2FA setup.
  5. Upon successful completion, you will encounter this screen every time you log in (after entering a valid password):

    Please be aware that there is an option to "Don't ask me for the code again for 30 days when I use this computer." Do not use this option if you are on a shared computer, such as a library or university computer.


Last updated: May 28th, 2023