Seed-mark validation

You have the option to enable seed-mark validation. To access this setting, you need to first create a registration form. You can find these settings under "Step 3: Division Information" and the "Advanced Options".

To enable seed-marks validation, you need to set "Enable seed-marks" to "Yes" and then select the "Enable seed-mark validation" checkbox.

To manage the settings for seed-mark validation, please click on the link labeled "Seed-Mark Validation Settings" to access the interface.

How would you like to perform seed-validation?

You can choose to set either "Automatically/Manually" or "Manually" for seed-mark validation. The difference between the two options is as follows:

  • Automatically/Manually: If you select this option, the system will automatically generate a seed-mark for registrants based on your seed-mark validation settings during the registration process. However, you can still manually review and validate seed-marks through the "View Registrants" page.
  • Manually: If you choose this option, you will need to manually review and validate seed-mark performances through the "View Registrants" page.
Include Athletics Canada Outdoor Rankings

If you wish to enable seed-validation to query the Athletics Canada outdoor rankings.

Include Athletics Canada Indoor Rankings

If you wish to enable seed-validation to query the Athletics Canada indoor rankings.

Include Athletics Canada Road Rankings

If you wish to enable seed-validation to query the Athletics Canada road rankings.

Athletics Canada Additional Options
  • Allow wind-aided performances: If you want to include wind-aided performances (+2.0 m/s or more).
  • Allow hand-timed performances: If you want to include hand-timed performances. Additionally, you have the option to exclude hand-timed performances in sprint events by selecting "Distance events only".
  • Be strict on category/event specifications (i.e. correct hurdle height, shot put weight): If you want to strictly enforce the age category hurdle heights and throwing implement weight.
  • Allow Road Performances to be included with Track (i.e. 5km to 5,000m): If you want to count performances completed in road races as track performances.
Include U Sports Rankings

If you wish to enable seed-validation to query the U Sports (Canadian University) indoor rankings.

U Sports Additional Options
  • Use converted times (U Sports converts rankings based on the track size & if the track is banked): The U Sports rankings system converts times based on the track length and whether or not the track has banked corners. For more information on the U Sports Indoor Track Conversion Ratios.
  • Allow distance performance conversions (i.e. Mile to 1500m): The U Sports rankings system converts non-U Sport events to their U Sport equivalents (e.g. a 3:59.72 mile would be converted to 3:41.75 for the 1500m event).
Validate seed-marks with the below criteria:

You have the option to limit seed-mark validation to specific events and/or age categories by adjusting the relevant settings. You can also specify a date range for seed-mark validation queries. If no date range is set, the system will query all dates.

Upload your own rankings

If you wish to use the seed-validation functionality for rankings other than Athletics Canada and U Sports, please contact us to inquire about integrating the new rankings.

Once you have enabled seed-mark validation, you will see a validation icon next to each seed-mark when viewing your registrant listing. There are three ways to validate seed-marks:

  1. One-by-one: You can click on the seed-mark validation icon to the right of the seed-mark to validate it. If the icon is green, the seed-mark has already been validated.
  2. Multiple at once: You can select the checkbox to the left of each registrant for whom you want to validate the seed-mark. Then, click the "Validate Seeds" link located to the right of "Apply to checked" to validate all selected seed-marks.
  3. Manually verify: If you click on the "Edit" icon to the left of the registrant's name, you can manually verify a seed-mark as needed. If you manually verify a seed-mark, it will not be overwritten by our seed-mark validation system.

Last updated: May 28th, 2023