Multi-level organizations

While our system is widely used by individual events and clubs, our primary goal is to provide a robust multi-level platform that seamlessly caters to various organizational levels, such as National Sporting Organizations (NSOs), Provincial/Territorial Sporting Organizations (PTSOs), and clubs. For example, if an athlete registers for a club that falls under a PTSO and an NSO, our system enables each organizational level to customize their registration process and collect payments, allowing registrants to complete all three registrations (i.e., club, PTSO, and NSO) through a single form and make a consolidated payment. We then accurately allocate the payments based on the respective organizations.

Each level within our system has access only to their own data. For instance, the NSO has access to all data, the PTSO has access to their data as well as data of clubs under it, clubs have access to their own members' data, and individuals/families have access to their own data. This ensures that data privacy and access permissions are maintained at each organizational level, allowing for secure and controlled data management.

Last updated: October 3rd, 2023